Saturday, October 27, 2012

Grandpa Lyman

My sister called. The news is bad. Well, she said, not bad. Sad.

Grandpa. Heart attack.

What we’ve all been expecting for the better part of a decade. Truly. But when you grow up sleeping in a bunkhouse in the middle of Wyoming, where your only option for warmth on a cold winter’s night is one more blanket on top of that pile of six…seven…eight… you don’t give up easily.

My grandpa’s horse ranch was magical. Like Disneyland, we’d say. Full of rides, junk food and happy short people. Grandpa Lyman stood at about 5 feet 4 inches, and my Grandma Lois about 5 feet. What a funny joke, God. You made the spirits of those tiny people so big. They must have been just bursting at the seams their whole lives.

Most of my happy childhood memories are associated with them and their ranch. It was a lighthouse through a turbulent childhood. A beacon that called us to a safe harbor. Constant. Bright. Rest your soul here, little granddaughter. And have a Pepsi while you’re at it.


Sarah said...

Good thing I get to see you soon, because I want to squeeze you right now.

Mom/Paula said...

Oh, Karin, Dad and I love you so much. Death, even when expected and even in many ways welcome, seems so abrupt and lonely. I still think of and feel the magic of going to Grandpa and Grandma's house and exploring the nooks and crannies of their homes and farm towns. With the death of each loved one in my life, especially now of my father and Dad's mother, I feel vividly the contrasts of sadness and joy, of loss and recovery, of separations and reunions for everyone, and the hope of life to come hereafter becomes a more tangible reality.

Love and blessings to you and all of your family,
Mom (and Dad)

Sue Rasmussen said...

I wish you were close enough to hug!
... and to compare family history - you got the cuter genes but we might actually share some... I have some Lymans in my heritage.
It is sad to have that grandparent generation pass away - that which was always there has moved on and left us behind. It is amazing how much of who we are comes from them.

Jan said...

Beautifully said. Love you, Karin.

Amanda, Curtis, Ellis, Hugh, Rhys said...

Love you, Karin. Hope you get to share a lot of those good memories with loved ones and that they continue to be a source of strength in your life. I'm sure your home now is a lot like your grandparents'.

Unknown said...

So well put! Just perfect! Everyone I have talked to about Grandpa's passing gets to hear my thoughts on what an amazing, generous, loving, kind, hardworking, no-nonsense person he was!